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Answers to Common Queries

Got questions? We've got answers! Dive into our FAQ section below for quick solutions and friendly guidance.

Gugel is primarily a link-in-bio platform that allows any Malaysian creators to showcase their work and social media profiles in a single, easy-to-share link.

Alongside having your very own links page, you can also shorten your links and generate QR codes for easy sharing with everyone! ♥️

As a Gugel member, you will have your very own links page where you can organize all your important links in one place, making it easy for your audience to access relevant information. Additionally, we provide a link shortener tool to help you create concise and shareable URLs, perfect for social media posts, emails, and more. Need to go even more digital? Generate QR codes effortlessly with our built-in QR code generator, allowing users to access your content with a simple scan.

Gugel is built for everyone in Malaysia! 🇲🇾 We provide the platform, and it's up to you to take advantage of the features in Gugel to accomplish your everyday real-world tasks. You can learn more about our services and how you can utilise them here.

Yes.You can start with our basic membership at RM3.80/year and upgrade anytime to enjoy premium features.

Because we haven't built it yet 😬

Gugel is still in testing phase. You are free to use all our features until further notice.

We will inform all users at least 30 days before we start charging for our service. After that, all new member account will be charged after 30 Gregorian calendar days.

Once your account has been deleted, your subscription will be canceled and we will wipe all of your data from our servers including but not limited to your links, traffic data, uploaded attachments and all other associated data.

Because you want to! Membership fees will be used to cover infrastructure and maintenance costs of running an online service.

If cost is a major blocker for you, we recommend you look into our competitors for your solution (shout out to Linktree, the OG link-in-bio platform ♥️). We bill customers after 30 days, which any customers can opt out of the service without any charge. You should only pay us if you want to continue using services provided by Gugel.

No. We actually do no evil.